3 technologies that will change our world forever

We are in the age of digitalization. Hardly any other topic is as present as the digital transformation.

3 technologies that will change our world forever

We are in the age of digitalization. Hardly any other topic is as present as the digital transformation. Our everyday life is determined by digital technologies and in the foreseeable future this will be much more the case. So it's best to prepare for it now.

After all, the latest technologies are already at a remarkable level. So let's take a look at 3 technologies that will change our world forever.

5G Internet

Our current internet is already many times faster than it was in the early days of the World Wide Web. However, 4G cannot keep up with 5G in a direct comparison. So far, the worldwide expansion of 5G is far from complete.

Even in Germany, progress is slow, which is also due to the fact that there are critics. In any case, 5G holds enormous potential. Downloading movies would be possible within a few seconds. So far, if no server is used, it usually takes at least a few minutes.

But faster downloads are just the tip of the iceberg. 5G can pave the way for a wide variety of technologies. Among other things, remote medical surgeries would be made possible with 5G, which given the shortage of doctors in many regions, is a notable factor. Finally, 5G networks provide the necessary resilience.

Such resilience is essential, as virtual surgical procedures are also a matter of life and death.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented and virtual reality have failed to deliver the hype hoped for, except for Pokémon GO. However, it is only a matter of time before both technologies reach a point where they become very close to reality. With augmented reality, certain elements are added to reality. With virtual reality, on the other hand, it is completely replaced by another reality.

The latter in particular is sometimes not yet fully developed. For example, many people complain that they get nauseous when using virtual reality. As soon as these problems are eliminated and Virtual Reality allows for an even more real reality, both technologies will undoubtedly prevail. The field of gaming, in particular, will be fundamentally revolutionized.

Autonomous driving cars

A few years ago,

anyone who

talked about self-driving cars was ridiculed. Nowadays, however, we are only a small step away from it. In theory, autonomous driving vehicles already exist. Car makers like Tesla, among others, have produced the first prototypes.

However, all autonomous driving vehicles are still in the testing phase. Since at times the necessary technological infrastructure is not yet in place anyway, this is only logical. Once the global rollout of 5G is complete, however, things will look quite different. With a well-developed 5G network, the necessary infrastructure will be in place.

Autonomous driving cars will then be able to communicate autonomously with other vehicles. This would make it possible to reduce the number of accidents or even make accidents an absolute rarity. At times, self-explanatory technologies are not yet at a level where this would be possible. But with the rapid pace of technological progress, it may only take a few years.

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