Reggio Emilia: the number of home workers and new professions is growing

Even in Reggio Emilia work from home has seen a sharp increase. In fact, more and more people are taking advantage of the internet connection to work remotely.

Reggio Emilia: the number of home workers and new professions is growing

Even in Reggio Emilia work from home has seen a sharp increase. In fact, more and more people are taking advantage of the internet connection to work remotely. In line with the rest of Europe, Italy has also been affected by this phenomenon, especially in the north. In addition to those who have the opportunity to continue to work in smart mode, there are more and more people who choose to earn from home doing alternative jobs, still little known to most people.

Here are what they are.

Blogger online

Those looking for an online job can earn money from home by writing articles for their own blog, (or someone else's). If you have a passion for writing you can also do it from the comfort of home. To make a successful blog you must have vertical skills and be able to publish, regularly and consistently, quality content.

To monetize a blog generally are exploited several tools, such as:
  • Google Adsense: the advertising service offered by Big G that allows you to earn with banner ads hosted on your blog.
  • Affiliate network: recommended to promote or sell on your blog affiliate products and earn money on sales commissions.
  • Sale of advertising space: indicated only for bloggers who have particularly large traffic flows, it allows you to sell advertising space on your blog through specific platforms, such as BuySellAds, OIOpublisher, etc.

Venditore online

Those who have already dealt with professional services or who have gained significant expertise in the commercial sector of products or services, may consider the option of selling online through an e-commerce. If you have decided to focus on e-commerce, today you can take advantage of specific software that allows you to import products into your online store without necessarily owning a physical warehouse.

This results in significant savings.

Before taking advantage of this job opportunity and start earning money from home online , it will be advisable to choose with particular care the sector in which you want to specialize, also carefully evaluating what is the market demand .

Consulente online

That of the online consultant is certainly one of the professions that has grown the most in recent years. Among the professions that offer the highest number of consultations online we remember: the Accountant, the Lawyer and the Tax Advisor. As an accountant today you will be able to offer several services on the internet. However, even as a Personal Trainer you will be able to acquire clients on the internet and earn money by making online programs.

The possibilities of working online for dieticians are also remarkable.

In fact, any diet plans can be established, in all practicality, through live sessions. Offering professional services at a distance is undoubtedly a great business opportunity that can guarantee a secure income.

Web Developer

Another online job that can be easily done from home is that of the Web Developer. If capable of reaching a certain number of customers, the Web Developer is definitely a well-paid job that is perfect to do from home either full-time or part-time.

In addition to being particularly sought after, this professional figure allows you to earn from home even as a freelancer. In addition, nowadays there are also many other professionals with Web Designer and Internet Marketing skills in demand.

Therefore, all those who specialize in the technology and digital sector will have more opportunities to work from home.

Coach Personal Online

Also in Italy the figure of the Personal Coach is becoming more and more popular. But if before the Coach was forced to travel to reach his clients, today this is no longer the case. In fact, this new profession with interesting earning opportunities can also be practiced online. Online coaching can be carried out through an official website and one of the many video communication softwares now available online, even for free.

Online coaching covers a wide range of activities and skills.

If, for example, you have a certain familiarity with foreign languages, you can offer yourself as a teacher and ensure extra income by giving private lessons online , using a common video call program such as Skype.


The earning possibilities offered by the network and the remote are really countless. Ideal for both rounding up and as a sole source of income, the online professions are destined to increase more and more. In addition, there will be more and more also those who can earn with their passions , offering advice online more and more specific.

In order not to be left behind, even those who have a "traditional" job can decide to work from home and offer their clients tailor-made services.

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